Written: 4/5/2011
FACT!! - Your Dog Can Save Your Lawn
Did you know that by placing "Dog Rocks" in your Dogs Water Bowl will help stop burn patches caused by your loving Pet taking a Pee?
These 100% Natural and Proven rocks mined in Australia have been a hit every summer with apparent and dramatic differences being seen within days.
"Dog Rocks" is laboratory tested, safe for all household pets, doesn't affect the pH balance of their drinking water or urine, and is the perfect solution to stop burn patches occurring when their dog pees on their lawns & shrubs.
The product is easy to use; owners simply place the rocks in their pet's water bowl and fill it with no more than 2 litres of water, then refresh & change water as usual. Lawns quickly start to look green and fresh and as long as the rocks are changed every 2 months, patches will be a thing of the past.
Dog Rocks hold special properties that actually mean pets will be fertilizing lawns, rather than destroying them. The paramagnetic igneous rock absorbs from the water some of the impurities that turn the grass brown, they act like a sponge and reach a saturation point at around 2 months when they need to be changed.