Written: 7/7/2011
Alternative Pond Fish
It's that time of the year again - short sleeve shirts, increase in cider sales and requests come in for pond fish.

Everyone is familiar with Goldfish and Koi varieties, all of which are now in stock and the colours are amazing.

But here are a few pond fish that you may not have considered:

These are very hardy pond fish and can acclimatize to almost any pond water conditions. Orfe are commonly added to a pond to add movement and colour. We have two colours available, Golden and Blue. Best sold as a shoal and grow fast.

These fish stand out from other pond fish with their smooth, non-scaled body and catfish like whiskers. They use these whiskers to source food along the bottom of the pond. Tench are mainly purchased to stir up the pond bottom, preventing sludge build up and cleaning the pond. We have Green Tench for sale now, a beautiful olive green colour.

Sturgeon and Sterlets
These beautiful ancient scale-less fish have become very popular in larger sized ponds. They feed mainly off the bottom, but like koi can be trained to hand feed at the surface. The main difference between these two fish, is that Sterlets are much slower growing and therefore suitable for more pond sizes. Our most popular seller is the Diamond Sturgeon due to its lovely markings.

Redfin Rudd
These remind me of the Tinfoil Barb of the pond, shimmering silver body with lovely red fins. They are similar in requirements to Orfe, but only grow to half their size making them ideal for smaller ponds. Best sold as a shoal.