Written: 24/08/2020
Glenkrag Ltd - Promotion Announcement
Glenkrag Ltd are pleased to announce the promotion of Mr Mark Hutchinson to General Manager. Mark joined the company in 1988 and has worked within General Sales, Key Account development, Purchasing and Management roles. Mark's background in retail and wholesale business gives him an overall understanding of how to push forward new ideas and initiatives continuing to improve the company to reach new heights. Mark will be assisted with the senior management support from Mr Martin Smyth, Mr Chris Lindsay and now Mr Gary McMahon.

On that note, Glenkrag Ltd are pleased to continue this exciting announcement with the promotion of Mr Gary McMahon into the position of Sales & Group Account Manager. Gary joined our Telephone Sales team in 1995 and has advanced through various roles in the sales team. Gary has enthusiasm and energy in abundance and we've no doubt he will bring many new ideas to fruition in the coming months and years.

Mr Jack McCready will continue in his role of Managing Director whilst sharing his immense knowledge and experience in a pivotal sector within our industry and one that's had a growth surge... and the reason for Glenkrag's humble beginnings in 1980 - Tropical and Coldwater Fish.

Starting as a two-man business in a home garage over 40 years ago to now one of the largest private employers in the area, Glenkrag are proud to have a team of eighty dedicated colleagues cementing our position as market leading wholesaler.