Written: 27/03/2018
Have You Joined Our Fish WhatsApp Group Yet?
In recent months John McCready has been busy creating new initiatives to promote our fish and give our customers the best possible service. With that in mind John has created a WhatsApp group for our fish customers so we can share new arrivals, videos, photos and exclusive special offers of our fish. It’s a great way for us to showcase the fish we have in the tanks at the minute as well as being great way for our customers to see what the fish are like in the tanks, giving customers and opportunity to see fish that they otherwise may not have thought about or considered bringing in and also letting them see the health and general aura of the fish.

If you haven’t yet joined the WhatsApp group and you want to, you can by asking John to add you by e-mailing john.mccready@glenkrag.co.uk or messaging 0(044) 7287923596 letting him know your name and store you are from.