Written: 24/04/2017
Our New Website - Just the Same - Only Better
Over the past year we`ve been working on a new website, working to the brief of keeping it as familiar as possible while utilizing newer coding features which will hopefully speed it up and also working through a list of small tweaks and improvements we could make along the way. In a soft change over we launched our new website on Saturday, if you haven`t noticed, then we`ve done a good job in keeping the look and feel the same.

Here are some of the new features and improvements
- Glenkrag Logo is now an active link to the homepage, something that has become a design standard in recent years.
- The Basket/ Checkout now has an extra link to it on the top right making it easier to find.
- Additional Social Media links have been added down the left on the menu, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc
- The length of time a login remains active has been lengthened, it was about 20 minutes of inactivity, it should now be 24 hours
- Login Box has been moved from a pop up to it`s own page, after some browsers had issues with the popup
- The Mobile Layout of the site now contains everything the Desktop site has
- The Desktop version of the site now includes the same ability to hide and show pricing as the Mobile site had (account settings, top right, Toggle Pricing)

The big thing is that the new site is now one site with a responsive design, there is no longer a Desktop site and a Mobile Site, there is just one site now and the server reads your screen size and presents you with the appropriate site (unless you have your mobile browser set to "show desktop site"). There`s 3 layouts designed to be a Big Screen Desktop Version, Medium Desktop Screen/ Tablet Version and a Mobile Version, they each display the same information. We hope this will present an interface suitable for whatever device you are viewing on.

So there you have it, our new Website, it`s just the same as the old one, but better.