Written: 7/7/2016
New Coding for Kong
If you order Kong products regularly from Glenkrag then you may already have noticed that in the last week we have changed our order codes for the range we carry.

In the past all our Kong codes started with a CO Prefix, this was a historic code that went back to when Kong was distributed by the Co. Of Animals, something that ceased to be the case a few years ago.

We have now changed the prefix for our Kong products to KO, making it easier to signify which lines are Kong and which lines are Co. Of Animals from the Prefix. We`ve also gone a step further and where our codes had no significance to any of the markings on the product we have changed our code so it reflects what is on the product, a Small Classic Kong Toy for example was CO010 has now become KOT3, KO being the Kong Prefix and T3 being the code on the product. We hope by switching to these codes it`ll make it much easier for our customers to lift a product and find a code which relates to our code and is then easier to order or to find on our website.

If you`re thinking that is a good idea BUT I`m now going to need to recode everything I had before then there is more good news, we have added the old codes to the search reference tags for each product on the website and we`ve done the same in our Order processing system, so if you ordered CO010 in the past, you can still order CO010 going forward and you`ll receive the correct product, it`ll just be KOT3 on your invoice.

Below is a link to the PDF detailing the code changes, should you wish to update your systems.

View/Download Details of the Code Change