Written: 4/3/2011
Doctor Fish - Garra Rufa
A new craze and type of beauty treatment is sweeping through health spa's across the country.

The treatment involves sitting with your feet in a tank, vat or pool while Doctor Fish/ Garra Ruffa nibble away the dead bit of skin leaving the feet soft and smooth.

About the Garra Rufa
These fish are an exotic freshwater tropical fish usually found in warm springs and river basins in the Middle East. They have been used for centuries on people to cleanse, soften and help heal skin problems.

While removing the dead skin, the fish also secretes Diathanol which is an enzyme well known to improve the regeneration of skin cells. The Garra Rufa gently remove the dead skin cells by nibbling (they have no teeth, so maybe gumming is a better word!!) while causing no damage to healthy skin and allowing new skin cells to develop and heal quicker.

Quick Stats
pH 6.5 - 7.5
Temp 24 - 28C


They can vary in size from 1" to 4". However most popular imported sizes are 1" to 2". These sizes allows more fish to be contained in a Spa Tank, meaning more mouths to work on those problem feet!¦.

The fish should be fed once a day as much as they will consume within a 2 minute period. Garra Rufa will feed on a wide range of flake, pellets and frozen food. We recommend Nutrafin Max Pleco Logs 95g - HGA6972.